Calling all runners, cyclists, cross-fitters, triathletes, weight-lifters and athletes. Experts recommend 15 mins of focused mobility work for every hour of training each week.

hip-flexor stretch after cycling (Half Virabhadrasana I or Half Warrior I )

Its time to compliment your training with some mobility work.

Are stiff joints and limited ROM (range of movement) holding you back in your chosen discipline? Whether you are a weight lifter, a runner or swimmer you will know that having a good ROM at the joints is key to maintaining performance and reducing risk of injury.

As we age or train continuously in one discipline, ROM ( range of movement) at one or more joints naturally reduces. Tight hamstrings, hip-flexors and shoulders are common amongst athletes of many disciplines. The effect over time is loss of speed and increased injury risk. Injury at any age is an issue but more so as we age as it takes so much longer to heal – the loss of fitness during this time can be huge and hard to regain.

Adding yoga to your weekly routine will help redress the balance of hours spent in a aerodynamic position on a bike, hours of hamstring and quad contraction pounding the pavement or pushing heavy weights.

Evening yoga classes starting w/c 6th Jan. Beginners welcome. 6 week course. Spaces are very limited so act now. See my testimonials page and yoga pages on this site for more details

email: to get in touch and book your space.