New Term starts 20th Feb 2024 – classes almost full


I’m a fully qualified Pilates instructor, Yoga instructor and Advanced Personal Trainer. I also hold an additional qualification in pre and postnatal exercise.

You will benefit from a wide range of skills and knowledge in a small class environment in a beautiful light and airy private studio in my home to take your fitness forward, reduce pain, improve posture and improve strength and flexibility.

Whichever you choose, Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training or a mix of all three, I will help you on your journey to a fitter, stronger and more flexible you.


Classes normally  run in my beautiful, warm, light and airy private studio at my home – perfect for Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training.

Friendly classes with a maximum of 6 participants.

Mixed Ability from beginner to advanced – Come and join us!

Times for Classes

  • Tuesday – Pilates – 6pm

Classes run in line with term times. New Term Starts Tuesday 20th Feb 2024 6pm

Places are block booked in advance, any missed studio classes can normally be caught up within the term at one of the other classes by prior arrangement. All spare places that become available due to missed sessions are offered out to participants with priority given to those that need to catch up on a class. Otherwise participants can add additional classes for free.

Personal Training & 1-2-1 Pilates / Yoga

By appointment.


Marcie is a great Pilates teacher. She works us hard with clear and precise instructions that really help to focus and get the most benefit from the exercises. For me this is the best health and fitness investment of my week. I have great core strength, posture and mobility as a result of regular attendance. Marcie keeps classes small so you get a lot of individual attention. Each week is different and Marcie creates a lovely atmosphere, reminding us all that we are individuals with different abilities. She gives us varying levels of difficulty, so you can make the workout as tough as you like whilst it still feels like a nurturing, safe space. Fiona – Pilates

I have been to several different yoga teachers over the last few years and it is always nice to find a class you really enjoy. I like Marcie’s classes because she takes the time to explain exactly how to get into each pose properly, it’s the little adjustments that make all the difference and I feel that my yoga is definitely improving as a result. The classes are small and friendly, so there is plenty of time for Marcie to help each person individually. Looking forward to next term! Kathy – Yoga

Being a runner, I heard a lot about the benefits of Yoga offering strength in feet, lower legs, core etc from other runners and cyclists. 
I joined Marcie’s Yoga class since August, 2019.  Every class is very well structured and  offers so much techniques/ideas on how to improve core muscles.  
Initially, it was very daunting, maybe a little intimidated about being the only person who can’t touch his toes in a room full of ‘Yougi’ ( I thought !!). I, then soon realized that I am not the only person who can’t !!
Marcie taught me that “Focus on myself, not what the person on the mat next to me can do”.  I thoroughly enjoy my weekly yoga lessons as each lesson concentrates on different sets of muscles such as balance and stability, hamstrings, quads, calves, core, upper body, lower back etc.
The actual class size consists of 5 or 6 students in a very ambient, calm and relaxing environment. The lesson is very individually targeted so Marcie tells us what  I am doing right and what I am doing wrong and how can I mitigate each wrong doing.  If I can’t do something, she always offers some other alternatives for each task.
Finally, ~Marcie shows true authenticity in her personality; she has energy and a true passion for her teaching, wanting to educate and inspire students.
I am looking forward to come back for 2020. Sayeed – Yoga

I’ve really enjoyed Pilates with Marcie. The combination of Pilates and improved eating I have lost almost 3 stone, plus dropped 2 dress sizes! My muscles are more toned too and it’s really helped with my back issues and fibromyalgia. 10/10! Elaine – Pilates

Hi Marcie. I will be coming to term 2 of Pilates. I feel that the Pilates is helping my neck condition. I’m not getting the numbness in my toes and fingers as much as I did before joining Pilates as recommended by my neurologist. I have better movement in my neck also and definitely not as stiff as it was. Thank you 😊 Jackie – Pilates

I’ve been going to Pilates for about 2 months, I really feel the difference already. I had bad shoulders and neck pain along with not great posture having been slumped over a desk for years. With MarcieFitness it doesn’t matter what level of fitness or stage you’re at, the classes are small so Marcie can give you the help and support as an individual (In larger classes, you often don’t get that which can lead to doing the moves wrong which can be damaging.) I totally recommend MarcieFitness. 🙌 Gemma – Pilates

Great Classes!
Gràinne – Pilates and Yoga

Hi Marcie, thank you for a great introduction to Pilates. In my mind I played footy with more movement and in fact I didn’t suffer from usual muscle fatigue in the morning. Pity about having to miss next week, but see you all the following week. The challenge for me is to coordinate my breathing while concentrating on everything else. Thanks again Ian – Pilates

Marcie is inspirational because by watching her and listening to her instructions, it has been possible for me to regain a flatter stomach!! This I thought was forever lost to me! Now I’m working on my upper body to try to prevent the slouch and attempt a better standing posture. ‘Menopause schmenopause’…! Sally – Pilates

Marcie worked with our daughter, who had very ambitious sporting goals. Marcie helped her to achieve them by providing a balanced training programme that also emphasised and provided the right nutritional information to support her. Marcie’s experience allowed her to input in a very holistic way enabling our daughter to build significant lean muscle in a healthy way – without compromising her weight or over-exercising. Marcie was a hands-on trainer and in addition to the in-person sessions she would also respond very quickly to any text questions asking for additional advice or guidance. I would highly recommend Marcie, particularly for anyone who has more serious sporting aims or who needs more technical input with a combined view of health, nutrition and fitness. Mr. and Mrs C. Maidenhead

Marcie’s approach was just what I needed – a great mix of understanding, re-educating and empowering me to succeed.   We discussed realistic goals that would stretch me yet remained achievable.  I work so much harder with Marcie encouraging me than I would in the gym and in a much more structured and safe way.  Marcie also gives great advice on diet (by which I mean what I eat – not what I restrict).  I am so pleased with the results so far and look forward to seeing what our efforts can achieve moving forward! Claire – Yoga & Personal Training

I started working with Marcie almost a year ago as now that I am in my 50’s I realised that I needed to work on my fitness and reduce my blood pressure. I have never enjoyed going to the gym and didn’t even use the gym equipment that I have at home.
The whole process started with Marcie looking at my diet and general well being and then we moved onto improving my general fitness with weekly sessions and ‘homework’ in between. Each session is different and varied, taking place in Marcie’s well equipped gym. 
The net effect is that I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have, together with the added benefit of a reduction in my blood pressure. Marcie is always positive and motivational, which in my case is extremely important to keep me coming back for more sessions! Neil – Personal Training

I thoroughly enjoyed the personal training I had with Marcie, my strength improved massively by gaining 1.3kg in muscle, losing 1.8kg of body fat and lowering my metabolic age by 5 years all in 3 weeks! Having the mix of aerobic and strength training really kept me motivated, enabling me to try out lots of new exercises that I hadn’t even heard of whilst also using a variety of equipment. I always felt safe in the environment I was training in. Every session I had I was being pushed to my absolute max whilst also enjoying the thorough workout my body was getting so there was an element of fun within the sessions. Marcie also gave me some advice on a reoccurring knee pain I was getting and how to avoid it in the future! Marcie has exceptional knowledge in the different muscle groups and specific exercises for each that I still use today in my own workout routines! I would highly recommend Marcie to anyone of any age, gender or fitness level! Grace – Personal Training

With Marcie’s help I was able to go from being underweight to a comfortably healthy weight, gaining mainly muscle and a lot of strength. Overall, my strength and cardio fitness have increased significantly through working with Marcie and I’ve signed up for my first ever triathlon based on this progress. I found that working with Marcie, especially when we did timed cardio circuits, allowed me to push harder than I would have been able to do by myself. I also found feedback on exercises very helpful, specifically working on using my core to aid the movement. We had contact over WhatsApp whenever needed that Marcie answered in depth, whether if was asking about the reason behind certain exercises or following up on form. I found that the nutrition help made me aware of nutrients that were lacking from my vegan diet – such as omega 3s and iodine which I was then able to correct with her help. She also helped me to adjust my intake and calories with an increased training volume. Overall I would recommend Marcie to anyone wishing to level up their training in a holistic way. Z – Personal Training