Get Fit for the Slopes

Great Ski-fit PT session today working with the Viprs, BOSU, stability ball and wobble cushion. Functional movement for skiing working through multiple planes of motion. Great for a time limited workout to get maximum bang for your buck. This workout combined cardio with compound full body exercises to target endurance, hip and torso stability, rotational strength, coordination, proprioception and more! All must haves for the slopes. Reduce your chances of injury and ensure you have the stamina and strength to get the most from your ski holiday – book a series of PT sessions now!

Time to Detox

Time to detox. Yoga is a wonderful exercise to stretch and tone but it also has huge benefits for the internal body assisting our lymphatic system and endocrine system (glands) to work efficiently to remove toxins. Book a class and try it out for yourself. You will feel energised yet able to relax. I started 18 years ago with a sceptical mind and have been hooked ever since!

Exercise Benefits

We have evolved to move around – not sit at desks and in front of TV’s
for long periods of time! Regular exercise improves circulation, keeps
joints lubricated, normalises blood pressure, increases bone density,
strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of coronary
disease, strengthens bones, joints and muscles to improve joint stability….. download the poster below to read more.