Article: Should Endurance Athletes do Yoga?

See the great article below at training peaks. It discusses the pros and cons of yoga for endurance athletes.

Here at Marcie Fitness I teach an Iyengar style yoga that is both strengthening and restorative. We use blocks, bricks and belts to allow your body to achieve poses with the correct alignment. Over time you will build strength, flexibility and body awareness which will enhance your chosen sport. However the pace is slow and thoughtful with time spent at the end of each session in relaxation. Participants report better sleep, which in this hectic paced world we could all do with!

Blocks, bricks and belts can also be used to make poses easier – very useful on rest days where you want to take things easy but still move muscles and joints and get the restorative benefits of the relaxation part at the end of class!

Why not give it a go. There are limited spaces Tuesdays at 7:30pm